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Total turn around is usually just 5 to 10 business days* for standard service. (Rush Order service is also available) Turn around times can vary depending on factors such as how you elect to send us your photo, the proofing method you request, how many re-proofs are needed, and the shipping method you choose. Another factor might include assembly time for orders requiring hand labor such as paper layering, ribbon tying, die cutting, envelope lining, etc.

* Turn around times may be extended 1 or 2 days from November 1st through December 15th due to high volume



We offer 2 different types of proofs:

• Typesetter’s Proof - an actual printed sample

Advantage: What you see is what you’ll get. In other words, no surprises between the typesetter’s proof and your finished order. You’ll see actual printed colors, papers, inks, envelopes, etc.
Disadvantage: Requires shipping which increases turn around time, and costs money.
Overnight, $20 / 2nd day, $15

• Digital Proof - an emailed pdf

Advantage: Decreases turn around time and saves you money.
Digital proofs are only $5 per proof
Disadvantage: Pdf colors may not display accurately on your monitor. Therefore Take Notice will not be held responsible for customer dissatisfaction if a typesetter’s proof is waived.



Photos may be submitted in 2 different ways

• Digitally - Can be emailed or uploaded in the form of a jpg or tiff file.
• Physical Print - (typically used for older photograhs)

Please note: Digital photos must be of sufficient size and resolution, or your order may be delayed.
Please note: Do not send inkjet print outs. Please submit the original digital file instead.

Digital camera tips: It is extremely important that your digital camera is set to the proper mode before taking photos. Most digital cameras allow you to take photos at either standard or higher quality levels. For our proccess it is important to use the higher settings. Using the standard mode will permit you to store more photos on your camera; however, the results will yield low picture resolutions, unsuitable for printing.



Orders may be expedited for a fee of 30% of invoice total (excluding shipping and proof charges). Please call our Customer Service department and they will be happy to assist you.

See information about Saturday deliveries



All orders are shipped via Federal Express.

  Ground 2nd Day Overnight
Orders < $300 $10 $18 $26
$301-500 $12 $21 $29
$501-700 $14 $26 $35
$701-900 $16 $31 $40
$901-1100 $18 $36 $46
$1101-1300 $20 $41 $51
$1301-1500 $22 $46 $56
$1501+ call for a quote

We will use 2nd day, if a preference is not specified.
Shipping Surcharge - An additional fee may be assessed if FedEx fuel prices increase
An incorrect address will result in a $15 fee.



Additional cards may be ordered for a period of up to one year after an order has shipped. Orders do not have to be recreated because files are digitally archived. To calculate the price, go to portfolios and find the item number of the cards you wish to reorder. Click on the price button and go to the bottom row of prices where you will see the price to print additional cards per 25. Please note: In addition to the price per 25, we charge a $25 set up fee. Or, call customer service and a representitive will be happy to assist you.



With our pre-shipped envelope service, you can request to have the envelopes for your order sent to you ahead of time. This allows you to get started addressing and stamping your holiday cards, birth announcements and other stationery before you finalize your order. This works particularly well if you are waiting for a photo of your new baby, or planning to take a new photo for your holiday cards.

$20 handling fee + return address flap printing (optional) + envelope liners (optional) + shipping
Processed in 1 - 2 days. (Allow extra time for envelope liners in large quantities)



Please be sure to carefully proofread your order prior to submitting it to us. Pay special attention to text such as capitalization, punctuation and dates. Take Notice checks for spelling errors and grammar, and we will make suggestions about wording when appropriate. However, we do not guarantee that we will catch all customer errors, especially those specific to your event and spelling of proper names. Should you make an error in your text and your order has been printed, we will work with you to correct the problem and reprint your order at a discount. If there is an error in printing caused by Take Notice, we will gladly reprint your order at no cost to you. If you have additional questions regarding the reprint of an order due to error, please contact Customer Service.



Take Notice cards are a labor of love. Hard work goes into each phase of an order as it is processed. First, customer service checks each order in, making sure order forms are properly filled out. (if not, dealer inquiries occur) Then text is transcribed from the order form and entered into a computer, which is then proof read by a second customer service representitive before it is sent to art production where the photographic artistry takes place. Next, a designer imports the text, finesses the typography, and sizes the photo into a card template. Finally, an internal proof is generated and reviewed before a typesetter’s proof is prepared.

If and when a cancellation is necessary, the following charges apply:

  Before proof is processed No Charge
  After proof, but before printing $100 minimum
  After order is printed call customer service




Monday - Friday, 8 am. - 5 pm. pacific time


Monday - Friday, 8 am. - 5 pm. pacific time


Order Info: customerservice@takenoticecards.com
Dealer Info: sales@takenoticecards.com




Take Notice Card Company
4730 NE Fremont Street
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