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Created by John and Deborah Field, the Take Notice line has paralleled developments in the couple’s personal lives. John, a fine arts illustrator and graphic artist, had a busy life as a commercial artist. Deborah, an accountant, thrived in her career. Then, eighteen years ago, they had a son, and his engaging little face launched a new business. John created a birth announcement that featured a photo of the newborn as a “Wanted” poster. Encouraged by its enthusiastic reception, they decided to go for it and a business was born. Take Notice Card Company was officially launched at the National Stationery Show in 1998. The response was overwhelming as they quickly discovered they were the only company in the industry specializing in high quality photo cards. Since then, competition has evolved in the marketplace, yet Take Notice maintains its position as the leader in terms of producing the highest quality product. The company motto is: “we’re proud to be leaders in our field. We love what we do, and we’re good at it!”